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Elevate Your Tech Experience with TechEase Service Plans

Explore TechEase Service Plans in Mexico City for tailored, reliable tech management. Enjoy premium services, priority access, and discounts. Choose your plan for expert, continuous support. Secure your plan today.

  • TechEase Monthly Support Plan

    Cada mes
    Get 2 hrs monthly remote tech support, 10% off extra services, priority booking. Over $1,999 value!
    • Up to 2 hours of remote tech support included each month
    • 10% discount on additional services and in-home visits
    • Priority scheduling for service appointments
    • Monthly email with tech tips and updates
  • Best Value!

    TechEase Complete Care

    Cada año
    Grants one free service of each type and 20% off additional bookings - Over a $6,499 Value!
    Valido por 2 años
    • Remote Virus Removal and Operating System Repair
    • Remote Operating System Tune-Up and Upgrade
    • Remote Software Setup or Troubleshooting
    • Remote Network Setup or Troubleshooting
    • Remote Device Setup and Support
    • Remote Basic Data Backup and/or Transfer
    • 20% off any Service
  • TechEase Annual Maintenance Plan

    Cada año
    Annual in-home check-up, 15% off services, 10 hrs remote support. Over a $12,999 value!
    Valido por 2 años
    • One annual in-home tech check-up and system optimization
    • 15% discount on all services throughout the year
    • 10 hours of remote technical support
    • Monthly email with tech tips and updates
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