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A photo of the site founder, Jeff Steinman


I'm Jeff Steinman, founder of TechEase Solutions, with roots in Hamilton, Ontario, and seasoned in Seattle's tech haven. Now based in Mexico City, I channel over 20 years of tech passion into providing top-notch tech support and training. As a triple citizen of the US, Canada, and the UK, and soon Mexico, my diverse experiences enrich the personalized, culturally attuned services at TechEase Solutions, where technology is simplified and life is colorfully connected.

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My Story

My journey is more than a business narrative; it's a story of passion, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of tech excellence. From the quiet streets of Hamilton to the tech-infused atmosphere of Seattle, and the cultural mosaic of Toronto before settling in the heart of Mexico City, my life has been a tapestry of experiences, each thread weaving into my professional ethos. At TechEase Solutions, we're not just about fixing problems; we're about creating connections, understanding your story, and integrating tech solutions that resonate with your life. My approach is deeply personal, rooted in my love for puzzles and coloring outside the lines, which translates into innovative, tailored tech support and training. Here, every client's story becomes a part of our own, creating a shared narrative of success, growth, and technological empowerment. As a triple citizen of the US, Canada, and the UK, with Mexican citizenship on the horizon, my global perspective fuels a unique, inclusive approach to tech solutions in Mexico City.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+52 56 4342 1334

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